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Frequently Asked Questions


Before commencing with the Safari, our pre-tour briefings cover all aspects of the journey and the roll that each individual could expect to play during the tour in order for it to be a memorable and enjoyable, safe journey for all. In addition, each guest receives information including guidelines on respecting the local customs and culture of the indigenous people in the areas visited, advice on Eco-sensitive travelling, what you can expect to see in respect of flora and fauna as well as other information pertinent to the tour.


Why do I need a guide?

Professional 4x4 guides know the drill, they'll take you to exclusive areas that many don't know exist, they understand the customs and cultures of the people that you'll encounter along the way, they understand the weather patterns of the area, they know where to find the wildlife and what it's habits are, most importantly they know the risks and dangers which means they also know how to keep you safe or how best to respond in the event of anything going are their responsibility and they'll take that very seriously, you can rest assured that in their capable hands you'll have the time of your life on Safari in Africa.

I heard that 4x4 Safaris are rough?

Bring a good sense of adventure with you and all of these natural elements will further enhance the experience and memories of a true African expedition.

I hate going to bed dirty,what if there's no facilities?

4x4 travel can be dusty and hot, or even muddy and wet, be assured that at the end of a day well do our utmost to provide you with a warm bush shower irrespective of the remoteness of our campsites.


Will I be expected to do any work at the campsite in the evenings?

While not expected, we encourage guests to participate in general camp duties, assisting in the preparation of meals or setting up your own tent is always welcome. This is part of the wilderness experience and your participation enhances the enjoyment and your education during the tour.

Wont we miss the famous attractions in the area by going to those remote places?

Although we prefer wildest Africa and areas not well visited due to their remoteness, well still ensure that you get to see all the well-known tourist attractions that we'll pass along the way.

I have never driven a 4x4 vehicle before, can I still come? 

Yes absolutely, no matter your level of driving experience, our tours provide a good opportunity to learn basic 4x4 driving skills in a safe and controlled environment, the guides are always on hand to assist you through any tricky sections. Alternatively, you could be driven by the guides if you dont wish to do any driving yourself.

You need a valid driving permit (without endorsements) from your home country as well as an International Driving permit, you should be medically and physically fit, and be prepared to drive in challenging conditions,sometimes for long periods at a time, our vehicles have manual transmissions and are right hand drive.

Will I see wildlife on your safari tours?

Our safari itineraries always include areas that are generally known for good game viewing opportunities. While usually successful in locating the wildlife in these areas, numerous factors influence the number of animals or birds present in a particular area at any given time, and for this reason we always emphasise that 'wildlife viewing' is often a case of being in the right place at the right time.

What can I expect while travelling in Africa?

Unpredictability is often the keyword when it comes to travelling in Africa; expect the unexpected and youll be fine! If you travel with an open mind and realistic expectations, we guarantee you a memorable 4x4 adventure Safari with us!

What type of person must I be to enjoy a 4x4 Safari? 

If youre young at heart, flexible, with a sense of adventure and positive attitude and can get along with other adventurers youll have a ball of a time! A 4x4 Safari is for the adventurous type of person whod rather spend a night sitting around a fire in a campsite than living it up in a boutique hotel. With our itineraries, youll experience real down to earth Africa! Its perfect if youre travelling as a group of friends, a couple or alone. Its also good if youre a first-time traveler, because youll get that sense of adventure, yet always have the support of the guides close at hand.

What about children and age restrictions on 4x4 Safaris? 

Due to the nature of 4x4 Safaris, we dont generally accommodate any person under the age of 16 years, unless its a tailor-made safari or family tour, in which case children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The booking is accepted at the discretion of management. There are no strict limitations on upper age limit providing the person is fit and suitable to undertake a 4x4 safari. Bear in mind you'll sleep in rooftop tents which you must climb in and out of every day, older clients should be aware of the physical nature of the tour.

How does payment and planning work? 

Make an enquiry with us suggesting your wish-list and approximate budget.

We'll respond and present you with a suggested itenerary based along the lines of how we interpret your wish-list.

Once you are satisfied with our itenerary proposal we'll calculate an accurate cost for your tour.

On acceptance of the quotation a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

Balance of payment is due on the first day of the tour.

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