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Eco and Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Wherever possible we support local community initiatives along our routes in South Africa and across borders. We employ local guides for their specialist knowledge in the fields of local culture, bird-life, wildlife and vegetation. We support local markets, community run campsites and trading stores for supplies on route. Many tours include National Parks in the region. A portion of conservation fees paid are used for initiatives which include local community development and wildlife conservation projects.


Because our itineraries include remote destinations, we raise awareness about these sometimes forgotten areas. We work with the local communities in these regions with the belief that our tours are an investment in both their and our futures, helping to create sustainable social benefit through responsible and sensitive Eco tourism. We assign a portion of our income to projects that uplift local communities and wildlife preservation initiatives specific to the areas that we visit.

Many communities we pass through have needs, as responsible guides well attempt to identify some of their basic needs and assist the community as a gesture of our appreciation for allowing us to operate in their back yards as it were.


Environmental Responsibility

Our Safari's are aimed at small groups reducing the impact on the environment we pass through.

This also provides a more personalised and intense wilderness experience for our guests.


African Bush Adventures follow a tread lightly policy which means we are committed to the management of natural resources; we support responsible use of 44 vehicles in sensitive areas only utilizing our vehicles as tools to enable us to experience those hard to reach corners of exotic Africa.

As we travel we are always mindful of the following values:

  • Respect and obey the laws of the countries we visit.
  • Respect the local inhabitants, their cultures and customs
  • Care for and respect all wildlife and its environment.
  • Drive responsibly at all times.
  • Remain on designated roads, tracks and trails.
  • Only camp in non sensitive areas.
  • Take only photos and leave only footprints.



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